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Photo #1'dust and summer fluff'  acrylic and graphite on paper on panel.  7x5".  2009.'spore on map'   acrylic and ink on map.  18x30".  2007.'spore on canvas'  oil and mixed on cavas.  26x32"  2007.'what is small is also great: some would say, all the greater for being small' mixed on panel. 40x40" 2009.'pilgrimage church chandelier' acrylic and mixed on vellum.  61x61"  2008.'sweet peas'  mixed on paper.  18x15"  2009.'lion with magic footsteps'  mixed and glitter on paper on panel.  6x5"  2009.'rebecca linder's painting of the kingdom of god on earth'  mixed on paper.  21x32".  2007.'the second horse'  chalk and mixed on paper.  30x36".  2008.'mountains go to sleep too'  graphite, gold leaf, and mixed on paper on panel.  7x5". 2009.'magic goat being thrown in the air'  charcoal, glitter, and mixed on paper on panel. 12x11".  2009.'gravy boat with green dots'  graphite and acrylic on paper.  44x30". 2007.'good plant'  mixed on paper on panel.  6x5". 2009.'first chandelier on canvas, revised'  (detail)'first chandelier on canvas, revised'  oil and mixed on canvas.  61x54". 2009. 'first chandelier'   (detail)'first chandelier'   chalk and acrylic on paper. 68x36". 2007.'drawing for deidre fogg'  acrylic and graphite on paper.  26x34". 2007.'chandelier with two lightbulbs'  acrylic, graphite, and mixed on paper on panel.  71x61".  2007.'chandelier with two lightbulbs' (detail)'boy in pajamas'  coffee, acrylic, and mixed on paper.  30x39". 2007.'bound figure and feather motif'  acrylic and mixed on paper. 29x22". 2008.'first chandelier on linen'   oil and mixed on linen.  52 x 52". 2008'chandelier with gold moustaches'   acrylic, graphite, gouache, coffee, gold leaf on paper on panel. 64 x 60". 2007'chandelier with gold moustaches'  (detail)'hand'   graphite, acrylic, poster paint, coffee, gouache on paper on panel. 68 x 60". 2007.'hand'  (detail)'jellyfish'   acrylic, crayon, pencil, ink, coffee, transfer on paper on panel. 66 x 39". 2007.'jellyfish'  (detail)'octopus'   acrylic, crayon, pencil, ink, coffee, gouache on paper on panel. 68 x 60". 2007.'octopus'  (detail)'I can't stop thinking about, etc'  acrylic, chalk, pencil, coffee, tea, sawdust on paper on panel. 62 x 60". 2006.